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About the Field Tec® Post Driver

The Field Tec® fence post driver is the invention of Robert Wilson. Robert founded High Point Industries as a home for his various inventions mainly dealing with the construction industry in which he has worked for thirty years. High Point Industries is located at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri where Robert lives and works. Robert has owned and operated a utilities contracting and plumbing business for over twenty-five years.

Robert Hated Driving Posts
As a youngster working on the family farm, Robert hated driving posts. Being in the unfortunate position of being a large enough farm to have a lot of fencing but too small to afford a hydraulic or gas powered driver, most of the driving of posts fell to Robert with a conventional manual post driver. And the rocky terrain of central Missouri is a bearcat. He cursed the old post driver and spent many hours dreaming of ways to reduce the impact to his hands, arms, and shoulders. Years went by and Robert became a man and went into business for himself. In his business he still had to drive posts into the rocky terrain of the hills of the Ozarks. So dreaming turned into inventing.

How the Post Driver Came to Be
He thought about the shock absorbers on trucks and applied that theory to the post driver. Eventually he came up with the rubber shock absorbers that he built into the handles of the fence post driver to absorb the impact of the downward force of the strike onto the post. But he didn't stop there. He talked to everyone. He heard farmers complain of the arthritis in their hands and how hard it was to grip the small diameter of the conventional post drivers. So he built his larger. From his personal experience of working in tight places and listening to farmers and ranchers talk about how they would like the handles this way or that way, he devised a way to make the handles adjustable.

Being somewhat vertically challenged, Robert found that by angling the end of the driver made it easier for him to position it on the post. Over time, he just kept making adjustments until he felt he had come up with about the best possible post driver anyone could possibly find. Then he started sharing it with farmers, ranchers, and contractors of his acquaintance and they really liked. No ... they loved it. They loved it so much, they encouraged him to patent it and manufacture it.

And so you have the Field Tec® Post Driver.

There are more exciting inventions that will impact the construction industry to come.

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