Field Tec® Post Driver Testimonials

Mike Gonnella, Business Owner and Hobby Farmer

Robert asked me to use one of the Field Tec® Post Drivers around my farm and give him my opinion. I have used a traditional style post driver for years and I figure if it's not broke, don't fix it. But Robert's a good guy so I told I would give it a try. We had some really bad weather and had some fencing down so it was a good time to give it a try. I have really bad arthritis in my hands. One of the first differences I noticed right off the bat was how easy it was to grip the handles. They are bigger than my old post driver. This a huge difference for me. I did not have to grip my arthritic hands as tightly around the larger handles to do the same job. They also adjust from the center position forward or back to whatever is comfortable or whatever the job calls for. The tube is weighted just right making the driver do the work with less effort on my part. I was impressed by how fast I was able to work with this driver. The built-in level was also nice for making sure the posts were straight. All in all you couldn't ask for a better post driver. Robert asked what he could do to improve it. I told him he could change the color and laughed. Really Robert thought of everything and came up with the best post driver out there.

Deon Christenson, Farmer

I own a farm in Russellville, Missouri and Robert asked me to try out his post driver. I hate driving fence posts. I can never get them straight. That is what I liked about the Field Tec® right away, was the level. It was right there, built in, fast and easy. You just rotate the driver until you have it right. I have never had such straight fence posts. The handles were bigger and wider apart than my post driver. The rubber shock absorbers on the handles absorb a lot of the impact of the downward thrust. I am starting to get older and I really feel it after a day of driving posts. I didn't feel half bad after using the Field Tec® thanks to those shock absorbers. The handles are adjustable. I moved them to a forward position that seemed a little more comfortable for me. Having the option was good. I still don't like driving posts but this is the best driver I have ever used. It will be the only driver used on my farm from now on. Thanks Robert!

Dave Dooley, Homeowner

Robert lives in my neighborhood and he saw I was putting up fence for a garden. He noticed I was struggling with a post driver. He got out of his truck with the Field Tec® Post Driver and asked me to try it. I couldn't believe the difference. It was like night and day. The posts I had driven to that point were, to my embarrassment, very crooked. I drove the post with the Field Tec® nice and straight the first time without any trouble.The built-in level is sweet. Also the shock absorbers made the job so much easier on the arms and shoulders, absorbing much of the impact that the other post driver didn't. I had the corner of the garden butted up to the corner of the garage. The handles of the Field Tec® adjusted forward to allow me to drive the corner post flush. I was able to get the job done much faster, even with going back and fixing the crooked posts. I was really glad Robert came by with the Field Tec®. I would definitely buy one. I was sorry to see Robert put it back in his truck.

Jimmy Blackmore, Construction Worker

I work in construction and excavation. Where I work in Missouri we have a lot of rock and clay. I mean it is like trying to drive though a rock bed. I have been using a prototype of the Field Tec® for awhile now. It has proven itself to be a work horse. I drive posts in some of the worst conditions and it takes a beating. The shock absorption system really makes a difference when you are driving in rocky conditions. It takes so much of the impact away from the body. The Field Tec® strikes so that it drives the post deeper faster. It has an angled tip so it fits over the post fast and easy. I often work in tight places and with this driver I can adjust the handles to make it easier to use. I don't really use the level much, really straight isn't a big deal in my line of work. But I can see where some guys would find it useful. I feel comfortable recommending this post driver to construction workers or anyone else have to use a post driver on a regular basis. It won't let you down.


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